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AlphaMedia™ depth filter sheets are made from 100% cellulose fibers.
This means no fillers, no resins, just pure cellulose fibers.
AlphaMedia™ depth filter sheets are used for clarification to coarse filtration. AlphaMedia™ depth filter sheets can also be supplied with wet strength resins for applications where wet strength is required.
G Series™ depth filter media is 100% cellulose with a wet strength resin. G Series™ media is characterized by positive zeta potential and excellent particle retention, increased throughput, and excellent chemical compatibility.
AlphaMedia™ depth filter media are specifically designed for use in liquid filtration applications where contact with other depth filter media and filter aid components is not permitted. The cellulose in ErtelAlsop AlphaMedia™ filter sheets is recognized by the CFR as qualified for food contact in accordance with 21 CFR 176.170.

AlphaMedia and Micromedia depth filter sheets


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