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Service and Products

We offer customized filtration and separation solutions together with scientific support for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Personal contact and individual support for our customers are important to us because knowledge, service, flexibility and reliability are our strengths.

Your Advantages - Our Service

With these four factors we are successful for you:

From the initial inquiry to the successful validation of the filtration process, it takes many steps and joint considerations to achieve the set goals. vipur is always on your side and is only satisfied when our customers are also satisfied.

One of the great advantages of vipur is that we can carry out scientific tests quickly and at any time. We have the right equipment and can work with you to develop the best possible solution.

We will address your requirements and needs - whether you are a global pharmaceutical or biotechnology company or a start-up.

Filtration Service by vipur

Filtration Service

Validation Service by vipur

Validation Service

Engineering Service by vipur


Single-Use-Systems Service by vipur

Single-Use-Systems Service


For vipur, being innovative also means thinking and acting differently when it comes to products. vipur works intensively on its products. Accordingly, we often test them before their market launch to gain new scientific data and product knowledge. Our customers greatly appreciate this opportunity. The transparent result is a "win-win" situation for both sides and therefore our key to mutual success.

Depth Filter Sheets

ErtelAlsop has been manufacturing cellulose-based depth filter sheets and filter pads for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, flavor and fragrance, food and beverage and power generation markets since the 1920s. The formulations for these depth filter sheet have evolved over time to meet the changing needs of our customers and the increasing demand for low cost, high efficiency depth filter media. By using a unique blend of cellulose pulp and various filter aids, vipur can offer a wide range of ErtelAlsop depth filter media grades for many applications.
This is including 100% cellulose filter sheets, cellulose and diatomaceous earth, cellulose and perlite, and cellulose, diatomaceous earth and activated carbon. Our pharmaceutical grade depth filter media is manufactured under the stringent controls of our Drug Master File at CDER and is supported by the ErtelAlsop Validation Guide for Pharmaceutical Grade Depth Filters.

AlphaMedia and Micromedia depth filter sheets


AlphaMedia and Micromedia depth filter sheets


MicroClear Activated carbon


Depth Filter Modules and Capsules

For the use of depth filter sheets and activated carbon sheets in closed systems, we at vipur rely systems, we at vipur rely on the know-how of ErtelAlsop. PAK® depth filter modules, MicroCap® and MicroCap Pro® capsules are the corresponding corresponding product groups for this area.

Pak® depth filter modules: Bio Pak, Disc Pak and Zeta Pak

Pak® Depth Filter Modules

MicroCap™ depth filter capsules available in 6 different sizes


MicroCap Pro™ Single-Use capsule system


Prefilters and Sterile Filters

Prefilters and sterile filters are used in a wide variety of steps in the blood fractionation, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. At vipur, we stand for the fact that we can offer a suitable filter for all filtration steps. Our product portfolio covers the entire segment of all possible materials and designs. Starting with syringe filters up to 40" elements, we offer consistent scalability of all filter elements. We have more than 20.000 filters for the lab to pilot plant scale range in our vipur warehouse and can therefore provide products for testing at short notice.




Sterile Filters

Ultrafiltration / Hollow Fiber / Virus Filters

Thanks to its expertise and product availability, vipur can offer qualified products for ultrafiltration, hollow fiber, and virus filters. Internal and external studies have encouraged us to continue our research in these product groups. Our team is at your disposal with its expertise.




Hollow Fiber


Virus Filters


vipur can supply filter presses, filter housings, laboratory depth filter holders, 16" capsule depth filter holders and ultrafiltration holders in a wide variety of configurations. For all these areas we have already been able to win customers who rely on our know-how, our reliability and professionalism.
Depending on the complexity of the hardware request, our engineering department supports the internal and external processes in accordance with internal guidelines. The customer advantage here lies in decades of implementation experience.

Filter Presses

Filter Presses

Depth Filter Holders

Depth Filter Holders

ultrafiltration holders by vipur


filter housings for all standard filter elements by vipur

Filter Housings

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